The importance of goal setting and visualizing in financial planning

Financial planning is an essential and indispensable part of your life as good financial planning can help you achieve all your goals and fulfill your dreams. Making a financial plan involves identifying your future goals and the ways to achieve them. You must understand that setting up a goal is easy but the hard part is to follow it. If you merely set a goal to reach a particular bank balance in next 20-30 years, you might lose focus very soon. Setting up a goal only puts your dreams into words but achieving them requires more than that. You have to visualize your goals for inspiration. 

What is goal visualization?

Goal visualization is nothing but imagining yourself as a person with all your dreams fulfilled. If your goal is to have a dream house then visualize it. Visualize yourself in that house. If you feel good about it and are sure that it the house you want, it will inspire you. It will push you to achieve your goals. Never let go of that image and work towards making it a reality.

It’s not dreaming

Goal visualization is not dreaming. What you dream is what your mind makes you dream. Visualization is what you want to dream. More importantly, goal visualization is not an involuntary action which is left entirely to your subconscious mind while you are asleep. You have complete control over it and can think about it at your discretion. You have to create a clear picture of your goal. Imagine yourself when your are older , living in your dream house, with your family. An image like this will help you to achieve the goal by keeping you focused. 

They are soul mates

Do not compare goal visualization with goal settings. They are incomplete without each other. Goal setting is important to decide what you want from life. Goal visualization is what lets you know what its feel to achieve those goals and drives you towards achieving them. Both of them are equally important and complementary to each other. 

Don’t just visualize

Visualizing a goal only makes you feel the happiness of achieving that goal. It never fulfills your goal. Goal visualization will inspire you to take actions and you will have to turn things in to reality. Have your goals set, visualize them and then return to reality to turn them to reality.

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