Investing mistakes you must avoid

Mistakes are a part and parcel of life; it is a way of learning. However, there are few situations in life where you cannot afford making mistakes and investments are one of those. Here are some mistakes you can avoid while investing.

Do not invest without doing your homework

Many people tend to buy and sell stocks, or invest money in mutual funds, without conducting proper research on these instruments. This is the biggest mistake to make while investing. You need to be aware of the market situation and the past performances of the fund house before making any kind of investment.

Taking zero risks

Most of the investors opt for conventional investment options with lower risks. This may not be the best option as along with the risks, the gains are also low. You have to take calculated risks if you want good returns from your investments. 

Taking too much risk

If you start taking too many risks with your investments, you might lose more than what you earn.  You need to balance the risk and gain factor in your investment portfolio to ensure that you gain without risking too much of your savings.

Holding unwanted stocks

If your investment portfolio has stocks from more than one company, you must always keep an eye on them individually. Holding onto a stock which is not performing or underperforming will only make your portfolio unstable. Be smart and handle stocks carefully and constantly review your portfolio.  Replace the non/underperforming stocks with the performing ones.

Asset allocation is essential

If you wish to make good returns from your investments, you must ensure that you distribute your capital well. Many people do not understand the value of asset allocation when it is actually the most important aspect of an investment portfolio. When you diversify your wealth, you are also dividing the risks. This way, even if one asset class underperforms, you can fall back on the other which are performing.

Timing is important

Never invest in or withdraw from an instrument without keeping the market situation in mind. The market can be very unstable and you need to choose a suitable time to invest.

Do not be over confident

Good and bad times never continue forever and this is the first thing to understand while investing. Do not start taking too much risk even if you have had a streak of good luck. It is foolish to think that you know everything about the markets and investments. Over confidence can ruin your game. Have confidence in yourself but never go overboard with your investments. Assess your risk appetite and invest accordingly. 

Do not invest everything

Never make the mistake of investing all your savings. You must always keep aside some reserves for a rainy day.

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