How you can keep stress out of investing

Investing money can be a stressful job for those who do not have sufficient knowledge about various investment instruments. Many investors constantly stress about the growth in the market and the future of their investment. They always fear market disasters. Several investors get depressed while chasing a fund’s returns looking at the constant rise and fall in the markets. Looking at a fund’s successful track record, investors hope that history would repeat itself and the fund would generate equally good returns for them. In fact, according to experts’ opinion, it is observed that funds which have already given huge returns have a lower chance to raise their market value/NAV. Thus, instead of burning yourself out, you must look for tried and tested methods, until you get the hang of things. Investors have different needs and expectations from their investments, and every option comes with its respective set of risks and profits. While investing in stocks, one has to be prepared to take high risks, which can further lead to a high return ratio. Investing in debt assures returns but profits are much lower than in equities.

To create wealth, investors might just have to invest in high risk funds which provide handsome returns rather than other funds which return with a small but assured profit after a specified period of time. Thus, creating wealth is the only target to achieve. Most self-dependant investors strive to explore different ways to increase their wealth and returns.

Investors, who aim to generate high income and return, manage risks and take control of their online investments, take multiple steps for smart online investing. One of these is creating a suitable online trading account. Thus, for a secure investment, one must find a reputed and experienced broker with small fees and large benefits. Look for a broker who has multiple tools and extensive research.

For investors, income generation is the only key to regular and consistent returns. Now-a-days, trading options can produce cash from stocks in varying market conditions. Equity, debt, real estate, gold, and commodities are different classes of assets and perhaps every investor faces the dilemma of how much should be invested in which asset class.

Thus, there are a few things that an investor can implement to help remove the stress of having money at risk in the stock market.

Investments need time to grow

One need not get impatient. The market value and condition is ever changing. These highs and lows should not affect your patience. One needs to set up their investment wisely and then allow it to grow. Academic research creates good investment records. The content of knowledge about the market goes through a strict revaluation process whose mandatory goal is to achieve truth and knowledge rather than profit. Thus, having impartial information helps in making wise decisions. The investment needs time to grow, thus, sow the investment in the soil of proper strategy and wait for the appropriate time for it to bear fruit.


Investing requires long term planning while holding the funds for a reasonable period of time. Thus, occurrence of risk maximizes if the investor keeps his money invested for a very long time without planning the strategy. It is rightly said, “There are no free lunches in the world.” In the same way, in terms of money, if you want a better return, you have to invest in a fund which will have a higher probability of making profits. It has been observed that investing in small, unproven companies may yield better potential returns, while big companies which have already undergone growth may not give the same kind of results. We must understand that every possible investment undergoes risk. But, a wise and smart investor avoids stress and plans a strategy for better returns. Every investor has to undertake risk if he wants big returns.

Market Efficiency

It has always been seen that every investor has knowledge about conventional investments. However, market efficiency supports the concept of risk and return. One must essentially decide whether or not to invest in a large corporation or a firm when it comes to making assured returns. This process should avoid abnormal investments in unknown companies even if time and business strategies are at hand. The investor must take a wise decision following market efficiency as no company has an assured profit background. One must efficiently analyze market growth and take a decision. 


You must diversify your investments as much as possible to avoid sector and stock specific hazards. By maintaining some of your portfolio as reserves, you can minimize the loss in the event of a major market crash and also provide capital money to take advantage of lower stock prices during a downfall.

Focus on dividends

Dividend returns are the best way to secure oneself from the market crisis against loss in share prices. Dividends may not make up for a massive loss, but they can absolutely help you collect some cash in your portfolio.

Risky Business

To disclose your risk status, you must first assess your financial resilience. Since the market generally moves up over time, an issue of the time horizon arises. If you are at the start of your career, you can turn down any hurdle if you have a longer time horizon. Second, you must assess your psychological resilience. If you are a nervous individual who keeps checking your long term investments every day, then you should keep your market exposure minimal. However, if you are comfortable with the market ups and downs and have the holding power, your psychology is better suited for a higher market portfolio weighting.

In order to decide which is the right financial product to invest and in what proportion should it be held in the overall portfolio, one must follow the above mentioned rules for eliminating the stress. When you invest in any company, some amount of stress is a given, especially in the current market situation. However, excessive stress would also lead to ailments such as migraine, headaches, heart problems etc. and cause distraction from normal life activities. Stress diverts you from being social as you are constantly plagued by worries.   

Another term called ‘Asset Allocation’ refers to how you allocate your funds to different asset classes. The motive of Asset Allocation is to try and create an efficient mix of investments that have the potential to appreciate while managing risk. Your goals and preferences for certain type of investments within an asset class must be defined. If you are comfortable with assure but low returns, increase your exposure to debt instruments. Otherwise, you can opt for equities if you are willing to take higher risks for big returns. Asset Allocation is simply diversification. Since different assets tend to perform differently under similar market conditions, diversification reduces the financial hazards. To learn from mistakes and avoid making them again, one needs to take the effort to understand the prevailing market conditions. An updated knowledge of market research would help you reduce your stress and help you make the right investment decisions.

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