FLAME Newsletter - February 06, 2013


“The SEBI is continuously taking measures to improve retail investors’ confidence in the equity markets...  the market is not a casino where one can do anything and get away with it” — UK Sinha, SEBI Chairman


Options to invest in gold

Our reasons to buy gold have mostly been emotional, religious or traditional needs. We have often ignored the fact that gold is a non-income generating asset. People across the globe have taken to gold as investment in last several years due to global economic slow-down. This in turn has improved CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) figures of gold.

For people who want to have a portion of their wealth in gold, they must ensure their allocation does not exceed 10% of the portfolio. Here are some ways of investing in gold… Read more

Investing in gold with demat account

Gold as hedge against inflation

Gold savings funds or gold ETFs: what is a better option?

You may have been hearing all around that people are investing in gold and are advising you to do so too. However, buying physical gold is not the only option. Let us explore a gold savings fund and a gold ETF and get acquainted with their features and differences. You can then gauge what would be a better investment option for you.

The main advantage about a gold savings fund is that you can invest in it even if you do not hold a dematerialized (demat) account. You can even start a systematic investment plan (SIP) with respect to this fund without a demat account. Through an SIP, one invests a fixed amount at regular intervals, generally every month, into the fund. However, a demat account is not required if one wishes to invest in a Gold ETF… Read more

Gold Loans: The benefits

Loan against gold jewelry (Emotions are embedded)

Is investing in gold close to retirement a good option?

The current high price of gold indicates its rising demand. If prices continue to rise in this manner, gold investments will surely provide handsome returns in the near future. However, this option will work only for those who have enough money and time to invest in gold. If you are retiring soon then investing in gold may not be the best option for you. Here are some of the reasons for the same.

Your working days provided you with regular income that you used to run your family. That source of income will stop once you retire… Read more

Fund your urgent money requirements with gold!

What are the key price drivers for gold?


What is Nifty BeES?

Nifty BeES (Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme), a combination of a share and a mutual fund unit, trades on the capital market segment of NSE… Read more


What are close-ended schemes? 

Close-ended schemes launched by mutual fund houses, wherein, one can invest only during the new fund offer period. Once this is over, one cannot invest. These schemes can have a debt or equity mandate. Also, they have a pre-specified maturity period or a lock-in, after which the scheme may either become open-ended or wind up its operations and return the investment to the investors, calculated in accordance with the net asset value (NAV) on the maturity date. However, the second option is rarely exercised for equity close-ended schemes. These schemes are listed on either the Bombay Stock Exchange or the National Stock Exchange after the NFO period ends. 


RBI cuts repo rate by 0.25%; loans may become cheaper

What you need to know about Q3 Monetary Policy Review

RBI releases Financial Literacy Material

IRDA to finalise norms for traditional life insurance plans soon

EPFO asks staff to look into grievances on priority basis


FLAME (Financial Literacy Agenda for Mass Empowerment) is an IIFL initiative to promote financial literacy amongst the masses in order to make them an integral part of India’s spectacular growth story.

In an era of accelerating GDP and rising per capita growth, financial literacy has become more critical than ever before such that we all reap the tangible benefits of the nation’s economic prosperity. Financial inclusion has been quite high on the governmental agenda, given its emphasis on widening the Banking & Financial services network across the country. IIFL’s FLAME initiative stands committed to complement this effort by helping common people gain financial growth and security though better awareness and education on the variety of financial products while avoiding the lure of and loss from unrealistic claims made by unscrupulous agents and ponzi schemes.

Our objective is to light a FLAME, as the name suggests, which will set ablaze a chain of FLAMEs across the country. The new-found light of knowledge will undoubtedly dispel the dark clouds of financial illiteracy and ensure the bright sunshine of financial growth and prosperity.

This portal is but one of the various IIFL initiatives that would be part of FLAME.

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